Greetings from TRTA President Fran Plemmons


Quarterly Prize Drawing Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our quarterly prize drawing winners for the 4th quarter of the year. All recipients received a $25 gift card. All Diamond Plus participants are eligible for the quarterly prize drawings. Names are randomly selected from the complete list of TRTA Diamond Plus participants. 
Kathleen Beetar of Pearland, TX
Maricela Acosta of Brownsville, TX
Denise Munoz of Mission, TX
Donna C. Deupree of Tucson, AZ

TRTA Announces Three New Member Benefits!

The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is pleased to announce the addition of three new benefits available to our members! The TRTA Board of Directors approved the additional benefits during their October 2015 meeting, and are very excited to share them with you. Our Diamond Plus participants are the first to know!

American Hearing Benefits

TRTA now offers American Hearing Benefits in addition to Hearing Aid Express for all of your hearing aid needs. American Hearing Benefits provides approximately 146 credentialed provider locations in the state of Texas for public education retirees and their families. The hearing aids are manufactured by parent company Starkey Hearing Technologies, the only remaining major, American-owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer. Starkey is the world leader in the manufacturing of custom hearing aids.

Your member benefits in this program include exclusive discounts, free annual hearing consultations, a free supply of batteries, a 60-day trial period, and a free warranty (including loss and damage). Financing is available. Learn about the other features included with purchase of hearing aids by visiting www.myambabenefits.info/trta.

Road Scholar

Road Scholar is the not-for-profit world leader in educational travel. First-time travelers will receive a $200 discount for international and foreign travel, and a $75 discount for domestic and state travel. You can learn more about travel locations and costs by visiting www.myambabenefits.info/trta.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

TRTA is pleased to offer Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), a Nationwide Insurance Company, as a benefit to its members and their beloved furry friends. Members can enjoy a 5% discount on their pet insurance premiums. Coverage is available for dogs and cats, as well as exotic pets including birds. To learn more, please visit www.petinsurance.com/amba.

You may visit www.myambabenefits.info/trta to learn more about all of the other AMBA benefits available for TRTA members. For all complete listing of TRTA’s member benefits, visit the association website at www.trta.org, click on the Membership Tab, and then click on Member Benefits.